Welcome to Youngblood Coffee Company. It's located at 624 NP ave in downtown Fargo, ND. The shop opened last week, and the whole space is probably around 600 square feet.

Meet Tim and Elisha. He is from the area, but moved to the west coast for a while. Tim worked with a number of roasteries and coffee shops where he perfected the craft of brewing. They returned to the Fargo area to open the bright little storefront.

It's everything that I would want in an art gallery, but it's a coffee shop. The walls are bare, with a tiny splash of color from the self serve glass water vases shelved on the wall. The white protruding into the space is such a pure white that it makes everything more enjoyable. 

I have tried a variety of their coffee products, and all have been thoroughly amazing. Youngblood has their coffee shipped in from Four Barrel in San Francisco where Tim used to work. I had a Chemex of both Kenya + Columbia, a Chai Latte, and an Iced Chai latte. I have also had a couple of espressos. The owners also let me try a Chemex sample of the peabody Kenya they just received. So fruity!

The overall vibe is very clean and minimalistic. They tables are very thin and all the white bounces around after entering the large storefront windows. They also play background music on a record player, which increases the experience. I like when people listen to an entire album at a time.

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