Quick note about the progress of this day. I flew to Seattle from Fargo, ND. I arrived at 8:46am, I took the 9:34 train into Seattle, I ate Qdoba for the quickness, I went to Storyville Coffee, and now I've made it here and it's noon. Flight home departs in a little over 3 hours.

Benjamin greeted me as I walked in the door. He definitely seemed to belong in the Seattle barista scene, and he certainly knew his coffee. I learn more about the global coffee community every time I visit a new city. Everyone is connected by the knowledge of roasters, brew methods, and overall enjoyment of the different flavors coffee provides. The more I can learn about coffee, the more I can connect with people on a deeper level, which is the point of this blog.

 I’ve generally been asking for a fruity pour over / espresso. If the shop boasts a strong roast of both, I must order both - to my own demise of over-caffeination. They had a La Marzocco Espresso Machine, and the barista said I’d love the Ethiopia espresso blend, and dang was it splendid. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted so much tart / sweetness with a finish of chocolate before. The espressos I’ve had either carry a fruity taste OR a more earthy chocolate taste, but this had bits of both within. The pour over was exceptional as well, but the espresso was probably my favorite experience of my four coffee shop crawl in Seattle.

I didn't get a chance to creep on their roasting operation, but it looked like a lot of fun as it stared at me through the glass. Maybe next time?

Thanks for the fun time, Victrola Coffee - I hope to come back soon. Benjamin recommended General Porpoise Donuts, so I'm headed there.