Verve Coffee Roasters in Los Angeles. I finished my wonderful experience at G&B coffee and took a short walk to Verve. Walking in, I was thrilled with the location, as it's much different than their cafe in San Fransisco (too many colors for what I prefer at a excellent cafe, but this is just personal preference.) 

The Kenyan pourover I ordered was very fruity, and I really appreciate when a cafe provides my own serving container for my coffee. I'd rather not drink one large volume of coffee from hot-to-cold, but rather, a series of one to two ounces each from hot to cold. The experience gathered from this way truly allows you to appreciate the bean more easily.  

Now for the photo portion. I very much wish I would've been able to show off this gorgeous space with a few more photos, but a particular crabby barista instructed me that I was not allowed to take photos inside of the cafe. I don't think I've ever been told off at a cafe, as I attempt to be as discreet as possible. I did have a great conversation with another barista, but all I really wanted to do was display this beautiful location on the blog. 

I guess I was trying to tarnish the 'Verve Brand', which doesn't seem to be consistent across their cafes, so I was a bit confused. But again, the best coffee I've had from Verve, loved the location, but the snotty barista kinda dampened the mood and had me drinking my coffee faster than I would've wanted to. 

Also, before we delve into the cafe photos, here's that lovely barista. Glad he didn't brew my coffee, or his poor attitude would've gotten inside ;) 

Edit** Verve has reached out to me to say that photographers are welcome, and this was a mistake. They were very friendly, and I look forward to returning to this location next time I’m in town :)