Seattle is always a joy. This was my third time visiting, and first in which I really prioritized searching the city for coffee. Seattle natives say there’s plenty of bad coffee - but delicious espressos, pour overs, and donuts galore can be found if you know where to look. I was given a tentative coffee walk map from a friend who lived in Seattle for a couple of years, and I began at Storyville Coffee Roasters. It wasn’t so simple to find, as it was located on the third floor of a market building near the bay. I asked directions from a kind elderly lady at a booth, and she was able to direct me.

The lobby felt as though I was in a fancy hotel, but with the 'front desk' being the coffee bar. The shop had gorgeous hardwood flooring and thin wood siding on the walls of the interior. Natural edge tables as well as other scatterings of well crafted wood made up the furniture and tables.

I ordered an espresso and sparkling water, and they convinced me into a lemon cake, as well. I initially said no, but it looked too wonderful to pass up. 

It feels like a great place to just be. A location to study, edit photos, or meet new people. You can see the bay from the window, which lights the room very well. The most pleasing locations for me are naturally lit, but in the sort of way where light only comes from one side of the room, but in a large quantity. This tapers the light as it pushes it’s way through the space. It makes for interesting photographs, and the shadows layer peoples’ faces exposing all their unique features. It makes for more enjoyable people watching.

The staff were all very friendly, and having two cameras, one on each shoulder, they know I’m not from here. I think I could live here.

I'm glad I was able to stop at this somewhat secluded location, and I hope to visit again someday.