I met a coffee roaster in London and he told me 'Scandinavian Embassy' in Amsterdam is one of the best shops Europe, and I took his word for it. I miss this place already.

I took a MSP > AMS flight the previous night and arrived at 10:35am. After a couple Gate City Bank issues that I seem to have every time, I got a train to the city and walked about 3 miles here. I've not been to actual Scandinavia yet, but there was an obvious change in scenery as I walked in. Very minimal, simple, and elegant. I especially loved the small tables mounted to the wall. They stood nearly head height making it easier to drink whatever beverage you may have ordered.

I chatted coffee with the barista for over an hour. He taught me quite a bit about Kombucha. It's generally a fermented tea, and essentially a living organism. Instead of tea, the liquid is essentially fermented coffee leaves. Some don't know that coffee is a fruit, and when the leaves and coffee cherry are fermented, it tastes sweet. I had a pour over of Ethiopia, and it was wonderful. They receive all of their roasted beans from Scandinavian roasters, as well.