Saint Frank Coffee was my 8th coffee stop of the day while I was in town. I was nearly dead of caffeine intake, but everyone recommended that I must stop by this location. So, 10+ coffees / espressos in, I entered Saint Frank. My head was in a caffeinated cloud, but I was very pleased with the setup of the location. The SP9s (very expensive burst-like pourover machines) were installed at the front so I could watch my coffee being made.

I ordered a Burundi, as I generally do if it happens to be an option. I don’t think I’ve been disappointed by one yet. (Also, my favorite pourover I’ve ever had was a Burundi Natural from Olympia Coffee at Fleet Coffee, so Burundi coffees have a special place in my heart:)

They have a specialty under-counter espresso machine that I’ve never seen before, but it reminded me of a Modbar type setup and if I hadn’t been so caffeinated, I would’ve gotten an espresso. I was happy, however, that I had my own Kalita to pour into my mug. I believe every shop should do this, as it allows you to drink the coffee from hot-to-luke-warm multiple times, instead of just once.