A small cafe less than a block from Venice beach. I've heard of this shop from a number of people, and finally got a visit. I was fortunate to meet the coffee famous 'Nicely' as he was passing through. He dropped me his card, and was on his way.

I made it in twice over the few days I was there, and spent most of my time with barista Jason listening to Outkast and TI on vinyl. (Catch him on Insta for some live videos and shots from the shop). He loved talking coffee - and he's definitely one of my favorite baristas I've met on this trip.


The second time I made it in, Jason gave me a free espresso in addition to the one I ordered. Both were phenomenal. A gal there also wanted me to try one of their specialty drinks, so she brought one out. A high traffic location, friendly and talented baristas, and delicious coffee - I can't wait to make it back soon. If you're in Los Angeles, make it out to Menotti's - and enjoy the other photos I shot below, and follow me on instagram here.

Another note, I've seen this book at a few shops now - and I'm going to pick one up. I've already been to several of these shops, and it will be a great todo list to see how many I can make it to.