A quaint little siphon bar in the heart of East Village New York City - here's Hi-Collar Coffee. They boast a variety of bean origins from top roasters, and will prepare them in Siphon, Aeropress, or Pourover. It took me a few passes to actually locate the shop, as it's only a very small sliver in the wall. There is one long bar of seating, with a coat rack behind that extends the length of the establishment. There's barely enough room to navigate to the bathroom, but this makes for a much more intimate atmosphere.

As far as the coffee goes, I ordered a Siphon of Columbia, which is what they are supposedly famous for. I noticed they added the coffee before letting the water shoot up into the top brewing reservoir. If you're not familiar with siphon coffee, there's a bulb filled with water at the bottom, it's heated by a flame which forces the water out of the bulb into the top container where the coffee extracts and drains back through a filter when cooled. It's unique, in that the full extraction of the coffee is at 93-96C (200-205F), in comparison with any other method that drastically decreases temp as it blends with room temperature air. ANYWAY, most tutorials have you add the coffee after the water has reached the second container, but they added it first. I'll be doing some tests to see if the temp of the initial bloom changes depending on when the coffee is added. 

They also offered an iced Aeropress, which due to over-caffeination, I didn't get to try - but it did sound delicious. The owner, Yuki, was very friendly and loved chatting coffee with us.

The shop also turns into a Sake bar later at night, so that's pretty cool.