A few coffee connoisseurs around town told me I should visit Goodboybob while in town. It's somewhat hidden in an alley, but once inside, it's an extremely gorgeous location. The thought put into the layout and design is incredible. 


I ordered my espresso and after sipping it I told the guy who runs the shop (Ryan Fisher) that this was one of the best espressos I've ever had outside of possibly one cafe in London (Prufrock coffee). He responds, "I learned coffee from the guys in London at THAT shop."

Things I really enjoyed about this shop:

-The coffee for sale. Each of their roasted beans come in a heavy duty jar with a screw top. It's perfect for home use to keep the beans fresh. I'll be using it for all of my beans once I finish the Ethiopia I bought (which is very delicious - and only $15)

-The Baristas. They were very familiar with their craft, but also other shops in the world that I've been to. It made the coffee world seem very small.

I went three days in a row, the third of which was 'Pourover Friday'. An unexpected gem like this shop was incredible to find. Enjoy the photos from my experience.