I've heard quite a bit about this place. I've visited Los Angeles five or six times in the past few years, but I've primarily stayed in Venice - so therefore, I've hung around Menotti's and Goodboybob, as well as Blue Bottle + Intelligentsia (for the feel fun aesthetic, mainly). Only being in LA for a day, I decided to venture into the city for G&B Coffee and hopefully catch a sighting of the coffee-legendary Charles Babinski. He wasn't there, but I was informed that he popped in just an hour after I had left. By this time, I was being scolded by a rude barista at Verve Coffee for taking photos of the shop. He was convinced I was out to ruin Verve's brand, but that's for another blog. Definitely should've stayed a bit longer at G&B.

I happened to visit the day (or maybe the day after) they rolled out their own roasting works. People had been positively gossiping about it while I was at other cafes earlier, and I was lucky enough to arrive at the right time. Supposedly they run the TDS + refractometer every morning to calibrate the perfect Fetco, and the Ethiopia was truly delicious. Being in the market area, they have to serve high volume, but yet they refuse to compromise quality. I mean, yeah - it would've been nice to be inside a cafe where it was easier to talk with baristas not running around like it was In-N-Out, but that's seems to be the nature of some high-volume, high-quality shops. The barista I did speak with gave plenty of attention to my questions, and was a coffee photographer herself. Our difference: she gets paid for it in ways other than the occasional bag of coffee (me:) (Also thanks Fellow in SFO, Flat Track + Figure 8  in Austin for being those individuals) 

Enjoy the photos.