It was certainly a dream to walk into Four Barrel Coffee in San Fransisco. I've had so many cups of their coffee at various cafes without visiting a physical location. It almost feels like a folktale, or urban legend. But indeed, they have a few physical locations, and I stopped by the one on Valencia street for about an hour. They've made their mark on coffee, and they send their beans all over the world. I've had Four Barrel in many shops, and it's easily one of my favorite roasteries. They are incredibly consistent with their roasts, whether it be an earthy Guatemalan bean, or a fruit forward juicy Kenyan coffee - and the later being my absolute favorite.

Everything had a rustic style. A swanky pourover bar stands just off to the left as you walk in, and an espresso bar divides the roastery from the seating area. On my coffee crawl of San Fransisco, I visited 10 shops, and the coffee I had here is tied for first place in my mind next to Wrecking Ball's pourover.

Some of my favorite images on this trip were from this cafe, so please enjoy the spacious, yet cozy Four Barrel Coffee.