Fleet coffee in Austin, Texas is one of those shops you hope to find on a coffee journey through a city. One that makes the entire trip worth it, and possibly break your top 10 of coffees you’ve ever had. It’s a very small triangle shaped shop with not too much seating room, but everything about it was pleasant. Coffee literature on the shelves next to a variety of roasters’ beans. The baristas were friendly, and it seems that everyone stopping in was a regular. The baristas + patrons seem to live for coffee - which is extremely refreshing. I was able to hear some local coffee competition gossip next to me - what other shop will I find that? :)

The cup of Burundi made with a Curtis machine was simply the best pour over I’ve ever had. I haven’t been able to change this ranking in a while, but the blueberry in this coffee was so intense, it’s almost as if it had been added afterward. 

If you stop at one shop in Austin, let it be this one.