Nearly everyone I spoke with in Austin recommended Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors. I'm thrilled I had time to stop in. I didn't have time to grab too many shots, but these guys roast their own beans and apparently kill fascists with their coffee. (See photo below.)

They also display one of my favorite little action figures. It's a miniature cat that waves as long as he's supplied with a battery or two. It's name is Maneki-neko, or 'Neko' for short. It represents good luck and favor in Japanese culture and it will continue to wave. Back-and-forth - until it's batteries run out (and hopefully not the luck). I've seen Neko at a few different coffee shops, and it always brings a smile to my face, as silly as that is. The plan is to finish this blog then order some Neko's for my photography studio back home. Enjoy the few photos from my quick stop through.