A wonderfully gloomy evening in Minneapolis. I finished up a headshot session and ran to shelter in the pouring rain. Nearly dripping, I entered Dogwood Coffee Co, which has been recommended to me multiple times - so I was delighted to have a chance to check it out. 

The barista was pretty shy and it's always a bummer when they don't want to chat coffee - but maybe that's my fault? Other than this minor detail, I absolutely loved the cup of Ecuador she made me. That nectarine shined through at the end in the way that it makes you wish you would have enjoyed more of the coffee at a lower temperature.

It was a Kalita, and it's always fun to watch others brew with Fellow Kettles, since their show room is one of my favorite places to visit when I'm in the SFO area. The pour is so much more consistent, and this barista really put in the effort for a perfect brew.

I always have better experiences at cafes when it's gloomy out. The sun hits the clouds and spreads out as a nice white and makes even sitting inside more comfortable. I love when a cafe can open a giant space (equipped with workspace size tables, outlets, etc.) as well as be able to serve really tasty coffee. This is one of those places.