Anelace Coffee in Minneapolis. You can check out their website here

Although I wish the baristas were more talkative, (as per usual), my Ugandan cup from Counter Culture was very tasty. A few thoughts, before quite a few photos. 

I have an aesthetic weakness for worn wooden floors and rustic brick walls. The location design was relaxing and comfortable to exist in. Having the same tiled brick as Fleet Coffee Co in Austin, it brought me back to one of my favorite cafes in Texas. They even used a beehouse for my pourover and I'm curious as to why the choice over a Kalita or V60, but my coffee still tasted well extracted. I've had a beehouse in my home barista arsenal for years, but I still don't think I've used it.

You can assume when a cafe uses *that* particular tone of blue in their serving cups, that they care about the quality of their coffee. It's supposedly the color to make coffee beverages taste better. I've seen Fleet Coffee + Prufrock Coffee use the same color while visiting.

Also, before I get into the photos of this lovely shop, I will drop a short PSA about cafe stickers. They should be free. Yes, they cost you a bit of money, but they are wonderful advertising and upkeep for your brand. People ask me about the stickers on my laptop often, and you'll get a sale + a new customer from it. Be a cafe like G&B Coffee in LA, or Victrola in Seattle, or Scandinavian Embassy that just hands you a roll of stickers because they know it's beneficial to their brand. Just a minor pet-peeve next to an overall wonderful cup of coffee. And to the shops that don't have stickers - order some. Many of us would love to adorn our belongings with cafe merch.