Twenty Below Coffee Co. 14 Roberts Street N Fargo, ND.

Twenty Below Coffee has brought so much joy to my life in the many times I've been there. Any coffee connoisseur has that shop that makes them feel at home. This is my shop. The place is a rustic goldmine, the community is phenomenal, and they have more brew methods than anywhere I've ever been.  

Meet Ty + Mike: the owners. They've been open for almost a year and a half and the goal was to bring the community together and surround it in coffee. Quality coffee. The baristas are well trained, and extremely friendly. It's like a fancy restaurant meets coffee. They leave the bar occasionally to strike up conversation or to ask if you need anything. They clear away all the dishes, and do much more work than your average coffee shop.

They cycle through various local artists and display their work on the walls. The seating in the shop is one of my favorite things, because it's versatile. I usually have a specific mood of how I'd like to sit if I have the choice, and 20below has choices. You can sit at the barstools and chat with the baristas, you can sit on a couch with a coffee-table in between, they have a dinner-style table with benches, as well as standard two person spots. They even have an ideal date spot near the window that you'll see after some more scrolling.

Okay, it's time for some coffee now. They always have four beans available at once. Their blizzard of 66 is the standard house blend that's consistent, as well as their broadway espresso, but they rotate the others out. My current favorite is the Costa Rica, which literally tastes like Strawberry Jam. I'd recommend it in the Walküre or Siphon brew-methods. Speaking of brew-methods, there are a variety to choose from if your picky about your coffee, which you should be. All the baristas are intensely trained how to prepare each of the styles. Choose from Walküre, Siphon, Chemex, Aeropress, Beehouse, V60, French Press, and a few more. They also have a lovely coldbrew, homemade apple cider and lemonade. All of the products are locally purchased, which is admirable. 

The most unique thing about this shop is their "Community Lunch Hour". They shut down the brew-bar from 12:00-1:00 every day to share lunch with whoever is hanging out in the place. People will take lunch breaks from work and bring food in to share at the community lunch. They have drip coffee prepared for those who don't know about it, but they don't sell drinks during this time. Friday's are also potluck days, or "pot-lunch" as they call it. 

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