I don't work in coffee, but I have amassed a home coffee bar, so I'm a personal barista. Here are some of the gear I enjoy using.

Grinder: Baratza Forte

This baby has definitely been worth my investment. Clocking in at $899, it's functional at the coffee shop level, but for the aspiring home master-barista, it is extremely convenient. With a built in gram-scale, it will measure out the exact grams you're looking for at the grind setting you select. I bought the AP or all purpose version, which grinds sufficient espresso grounds, all the way to a course french press grind. There are 260 different size grinds, it's touch screen, and wicked fast. The exchangeable hopper at the top allows for easy swapping when you'd like to change beans. 

Scale: Acaia Pearl

This scale is gold. It's minimalistic, since that's what everyone's about these days. I have the white one, and it brings a nice pop of color, or lack there-of - to my countertop. It's fascinating because it's a bluetooth scale, and it connects to my iPhone / iPad. There's an Acaia app that you can log every-single-one of your brews. Depending on what brew method you're using and what water to coffee ratio you want, it calculates the the amount of water needed, and tracks it on a graph as you pour real-time. It recommends times for the bloom, as well as different pours, but it allows you to change them if you think you know better.