Here's Ethiopia Biftu Gudina. What a fantastic coffee. I've prepared it with a V60, Kalita, and Aeropress thus far, and it's truly phenomenal. If you're not familiar with Four Barrel Coffee, check them out. If you either want to see more coffees I'm drinking OR you'd like to send me some coffee to shoot and brew up, subscribe at the bottom.

I had it on drip at a local cafe, and I had to try it at my home brewbar. I wish the photos looked as great as the coffee tasted. Four Barrel Coffee roasts their coffee in San Francisco, and to my knowledge, they have 2 additional Ethiopia origins to offer. The owner my local coffee shop ran cuppings at Four Barrel for a while, and he's told me some fun stories about their operation - they seem to be a great company to work for.

The shop owners explained Ethiopia's strict trade + export policies, so farmers must form a Co-Op - in this case, "Biftu Gudina". Four Barrel is still able to work directly with the farmers, but only through this magical Co-Op that makes it possible.

This is still the first week I've had my Baratza Forte grinder, and dang is it efficient. I'm able to focus much harder on the coffee preparation and less on whether I've measured enough grounds, or that my beans are consistently ground.