I'm a Wedding PhotographerI have a studio, but it's no fun being cooped up there all the time. I began spending time with local baristas at various shops a few years ago and fell in love with coffee. I spent a couple thousand dollars on a nice grinder, some pourover equipment, and some beans, and started traveling to learn more about coffee preparation, roasting, and those behind coffee operations. I've been to Minneapolis, NYC, Boston, Puerto Rico, Austin, Dallas, LA, SFO, Seattle, London, Amsterdam, and Paris for coffee, so I've had a few cups. Some good, some very bad, but this is my platform to tell those stories. You'll find coffee travel stories, as well as what I'm currently brewing at my studio brewbar. I find it exciting, and I hope you do too. 


I'm a hobbyist, and this is one I've taken to a further extent than anything so far. Outside of coffee, I like DJing house and techno music, skateboarding, teaching piano and guitar lessons, and my kindle.